“I believe that all is changeable, as is this statement.”
Where do we belong, where do we feel at home? Gina Siliquini captures quests for identity, intimacy and security.
“I write about this, too, but photographing it is different.”
However, her work always embodies the narrative, the poetic.
As a young child, Gina was always soaking up her surroundings, trying to make sense of the world around her.
Although she was always taught her dreaminess to be a distraction from all that really mattered, she persisted in valuing her absent-mindedness. Eventually this happened to determine her intuitive style as a photographer.
Concept and making process are intertwined, requiring confidence.
Sensing, feeling, looking – all of these are central to her work, especially the latter: “Sometimes I wonder whether people are even aware of what is happening. I will never let the camera look for me, but instead rely on my own long and attentive gaze, before pressing the shutter button. Taking the time, but knowing exactly when is the right moment for what you want to narrate – to me, that is the essence of photography.”
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